About our work

  • Years 20172019 RKI coordinates a peace education project with partners from five countries. We strengthen the voices of people risking discrimination in youth work against hate speech and we create new methods to enable social change and tackle hate speech among youth.

  • RKI offers in-service training for youth workers, as well as possibilities for international peer learning and experience sharing among the actors of peace education around Europe.


Join us

We offer education, seminars, volunteer and internship opportunities in the wide field of peace education.

Support our work

As a support member you promote the training of 1000 educators annually about the themes of peace education.

Meet the pigeon – our small and brave pioneer of peace

Since June 2017 our new team member and brave peace educator, the Pigeon, has been venturing at the Peace Education Institute.

Pigeon is kind and righteous. She does not know everything, but she’s brave and has her heart in the right place.

Pigeon is not stupid or naive and dares to take a stand on peace and speak up, when she sees injustice.

Time to time pigeon steps in to peace education’s methodology bank. She doesn’t always know the right answer to tricky questions, but she experiments and develops best possible solutions from the lessons she has learned.

Pigeon thinks that peace takes courage and she definitely got some balls – despite her small size.

Toinen Linja 17, 3rd floor
00530 Helsinki

Peace takes courage

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