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Solidarity Project Workshops​

Do you have an idea of how to change the world? Would you like to brighten up and make development in your own neighbourhood, organize an accessible city tour or offer multicultural bicycle workshops? Have you had new ideas about a solidarity project during the times of social distancing, but you are yet without the money and the resources to put everything into practice? 

How is Solidarity being made?

The European Union offers to fund young adults for projects enhancing solidarity and we, in turn, offer support to apply for this funding. A group of at least 5 people (age 18–30 years) can apply for the funding for their project. You can get up to 6 000 euros for your one-year project from the European Solidarity Corps.

During the virtual workshops, we will introduce previously produced projects, assist in outlining an idea to a project plan, clarify the EU jargon, and offer professional mentoring and assistance to carry out the application form. You also have the possibility to contemplate your ideas on the project together with the RKI team during April and May 2021. 
In the workshop, we encourage everyone to start building their ideas based on their dreams and their own utopia of a better world. What kind of change do young people want to be creating in the world and whom do they want to start the revolution with? The funded projects should be local, enhance solidarity, and be based on common European values. 


  1. Session: Let’s get started:
    Wed 5.5. 5–7 PM

  2. Session: Application form: Ideas to answers
    Mon 10.5. 5–7 PM

  3. Session: Finalizing the application, let’s get it done!
    Wed 19.5. 5–7 PM

  4. Session: IV Saturday Writing Workshop
    Sat 22.5. 11–3 PM

Solidaarisuusprojektien teematiistait

Työpajakertojen ympärille järjestämme Solidaarisuusprojektien teematiistait eli kolme temaattista etäkoulutusta. Klikkaudu tiistaisin linjoille inspiroitumaan ja kuulemaan lisää solidaarisuusprojekteista, hankkeen taloudenpidosta sekä hakujärjestelmästä. Teematiistait ovat kaikille ryhmille avoimia ja niille voi osallistua, vaikkei osallistuisi työpajoihin muuten.

Ti 13.4. Näin me sen teimme!
– Valo Vesikauriin innostustyöpaja solidaarisuusprojekteihin. Heidän oma projektinsa tukee transnuoria saamaan äänensä kuuluviin.

Ti 20.4. Kati Inkisen Q&A-hetki
– Mikä mietityttää hankeohjeissa, rahoitussäännöissä tai muussa? Kati Inkinen, ohjelma-asiantuntija, Euroopan solidaarisuusjoukot

Ti 27.4. Mikä mietityttää taloudessa?
– Jana Turkin vinkit taloudenpitoon

Choose the English language from the up right corner of the form.

You can participate in the first workshop even if you only have an idea of some kind. However, you can already prepare yourselves for the first session by thinking about the following questions:

  • What kind of change would you like to make with your idea? The funded projects should be local, enhance solidarity, and be based on common European values.
  • Who would you like to carry out the project with?

There should be at least five people to work on the project (age 18–30 years).

If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact Riikka Jalonen from RKI (riikka.jalonen[at]

The workshops will be carried out in collaboration with the Finnish National Office of the European Solidarity Corps.


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