Welcome to a tour of peace education in today's Europe. Jump on board and enjoy the flight with our brave little peace pigeon!

Peace is built and maintained in many ways. We at RKI believe in the power of young people, youth work and non-formal education in building better societies for all, where everyone can live to their full potential. For us, equal participation, where everyone feels respected and included, is at the core of sustainable peace.

When everyone is included in social activities and education, we all benefit from getting each other's competence and potential. Exclusion just isn’t too smart and on top of that, it’s against the core values and principles of youth work and non-formal education. Peace education is about inclusion, equality and meaningful participation for all.

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Religion and Belief, Glasgow, Scotland, November 2018.

“If youth work isn’t inclusive, it’s just bad youth work”

During one week’s study visit in Scotland, the participants learned, how dialogue is built between communities of various faiths, how youth work is crucial part of this process in Glasgow and how youth work can be made as inclusive as possible.

RKI's Riikka Jalonen teaches, how to make revolution of inclusiveness and how to finance it through Erasmus+ programme.