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Established in 2019, Peace and Well-Being (Rauhan ja hyvinvoinnin järjestö) is an organization, which aims to tackle the social inequalities faced by young people and women. The founders of this organization are Faisa and Salaado, the Qasim sisters, who during their studies and working life noticed some issues in the society which they thought should be handled, as it was a matter of the life of women and young people, the upcoming generation. With their motivation and goals in mind, they ended up establishing the Peace and Well-Being organization with Salaado Qasim as the spokesperson and with five other active members. 

“Our organization is for those who feel that they do not belong to the society and need some assistance in finding their place in the society. It is for those who on a daily basis face conflicts through being unemployed and who face any other equality related problems.”

Salaado Qasim

As Salaado Qasim explains, this recently established organization is here to help youngsters and women who feel isolated from the society, and it does not only concern them, but is also for those who lack help from their student counselors at schools. The members of the organization try to help young people and women by providing them with job and educational opportunities and creating their social status in order to make them more interactive and open. They plan to achieve this through their various projects which include language courses, book clubs, and arrangements of collective events especially for young people and women where they try to open dialogue within the group. Furthermore, they organize trainings and workshops in which they have discussions regarding global issues, for instance, climate change and tackling unemployment. In short, they try to focus on the relevance of the youth as well as women and their lives by trying to bring up what their roles are in the society as well as aim to handle equality related problems.

As the Peace and Well-Being organization continues to do its work, it, at the same time, hopes to expand itself by getting more people to attend its workshops and become members of the organization. The goal here is to get more people working in different places to help young people and women take part in decision-making and improve their participation in societal activities. Moreover, by working productively and effectively, they hope to get access to more schools to help children who are not provided with enough help. 


A Solidarity Project is an activity that a young person can carry out in a group of five people or more to help to bring positive change to the local community. It is set up and implemented by young people themselves in a place where they live. The initiative is powered by the European Commission and funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme.

The Peace and Well-Being organization was given training on how to apply funding for their solidarity project on behalf of the Peace Education Institute (RKI) during the three-day Project Workshop for Peace and Solidarity, that took place in September 2019. Three other groups of young people also took part in the Project Workshop arranged by RKI. We wish the best of luck for all the applicants! The next round for Solidarity Project submissions will be in the spring 2020.

Faisa and Salaado Qasim

The author, Aruba Ghumman, did her week long internship (TET) at the Peace Education Institute in the beginning of October 2019.

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Rauha on rohkeutta

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