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Young people challenged decision makers to consider the role of young people in the decision making

On International Peace Day in September 2018, we hosted a seminar which brought together active young people, youth workers and decision makers. All these young people and youth workers either worked with young people belonging in minorities or presented the minorities themselves. The group of decision makers consisted of public officers, directors of different youth organizations and politicians who influence on young people’s opportunities in a society. Young people planned the event themselves and created the agenda for the seminar.  

In the seminar young people asked from the decision makers “On whose terms youth work is done in Finland and across Europe?” and “How young people’s participation, intersectionality and equality is promoted in practice in the youth work and what is the role of young people in facilitating the change? In addition, young people educated decision makers in accessibility of the youth work, equality, safe space and who is seen as active agent and who is not.  

The event received positive feedback both from young people and decision makers which is why we want to enable this kind of dialogue also in the future. Stay tuned and follow us in social media so you will hear about our upcoming events! Check also our page for the latest information.  

The project was funded by Erasmus +.   

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