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Outside In - Against Hatespeech

We live in a world where sexist jokes among friends, xenophobic graffiti and racist speech by politicians has become an everyday experience. Too often, we do not even register it, as long as it does not target us directly. This is no different for youth workers.

Outside In – Transforming Hate is a two-year project which ran from 2017-2018 and aimed at tackling hateful speech and behavior and making youth work in Europe more inclusive. Over the two years, five partner organisations from Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, and Slovenia, co-created a European network of trainers and experts that can provide quality trainings and tools for youth workers to recognise, manage, and transform hateful speech and behaviour in their everyday work with young people.

The project involved trainers and youth workers from the above mentioned countries, 25 persons in total. It involved several elements, including a Training for Trainers on Transforming Hate in Youth Settings, the production of a manual, the setting up of an international specialist Pool of Trainers and an online platform. Unique to the project was that the majority of its participants came from different marginalized/minority groups and have personal experiences with racism, homophobia, faith based discrimination etc. Because of the first-hand experience they have, they are uniquely qualified to develop and provide training on transforming hate speech.

Suki, from Scotland, participated in the project because she wanted to bring home as much knowledge as possible to share with her colleagues working with young people. ”I have gained knowledge from all the different national contexts that other people are dealing with. I would also say I have gained confidence in my own ability to be able to deliver training, confidence in understanding the issues, but I also can feel that I’ve picked up lots of useful tools really in a practical way which I can implement in my day to day work”, she summarized her learning process at the end of the project.

As final products of the project, the team produced an online material bank as well as a practice manual guidebook for tackling hate speech. The manual is designed to support youth workers engaging with young people who express hateful speech and/or behavior.

You can find our Outside In Portal here!

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