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Project Workshop for Peace and Solidarity

A Solidarity Project is an activity that a young person can carry out in a group of five people or more to help to bring positive change to the local community. It is set up and implemented by young people themselves in a place where they live. The initiative is powered by the European Commission and funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme.

The Peace and Well-Being organization was given training on how to apply funding for their solidarity project on behalf of the Peace Education Institute (RKI) during the three-day Project Workshop for Peace and Solidarity, that took place in September 2019. Three other groups of young people also took part in the Project Workshop arranged by the RKI.

Established in 2019, Peace and Well-Being (Rauhan ja hyvinvoinnin järjestö) is an organization, which aims to tackle the social inequalities faced by young people and women. The founders of this organization are Faisa and Salaado, the Qasim sisters, who during their studies and working life noticed some issues in the society which they thought should be handled, as it was a matter of the life of women and young people, the upcoming generation: 

“Our organization is for those who feel that they do not belong to the society and need some assistance in finding their place in the society. It is for those who on a daily basis face conflicts through being unemployed and who face any other equality related problems” states Salaado Qasim.

The Peace and Well-Being organization found out about the approved Solidarity Corps funding in December 2019, and they were one of the three groups, that got the funding for their Solidarity project during the autumn 2019 round through participation of the Peace and Solidarity Workshop organised by the RKI. Their project is built around study or professional guidance and counselling practices founded especially for youngsters and women who feel isolated from Finnish society.

This is just one example of the ongoing process. With the funding of the Finnish National Agency for Education, the RKI has started organising these workshops also in different cities. During the project workshop, the RKI assist all groups in developing their project ideas, clarify the EU jargon and offer professional support and mentoring for the funding applications. The young people will also have a chance to challenge politicians and decision-makers regarding the questions and societal issues on their minds in a facilitated dialogue. With the selection of the participants, the RKI aims to ensure diverse and inclusive representation from the community.

By far, the RKI has given two workshops in Helsinki and one in Oulu. The Corona epidemy has altered our plans in Tampere, Jyväskylä and other cities during spring 2020, but the process will be continued later.


RKI organizes a Project Workshop for Peace and Solidarity in Helsinki on September 19th – 21st

Do you have a societal issue or problem on your mind that you want to change? If you do, and you have a solution for it, we can assist you in applying for project funding from the EU. Gather a group of minimum 5 young people (18 to 30 years old) and apply for funding from European Solidarity Corps – you can get up to 8 000 euros for your project!

During the project workshop we assist all groups in developing their project ideas, clarify the EU jargon and offer professional support and mentoring for your funding applications. On Friday 20th of September we will organize a Peace day forum during which you will have a chance to challenge politicians and decision-makers regarding the questions and societal issues on your mind.

Previous funding application rounds helped youth groups from Finland to carry out cool projects, such as a preparatory course for university entrance exams for youth from minority groups, and a project regarding feminist city planning. You can read more about Solidarity Project funding here.

Are you with us?

Apply for the workshop here by 9th of September!

We inform the chosen participants by 10th of September. With our selection of participants for this workshop, we aim to ensure a diverse and inclusive representation from the community.

For participants coming from outside of Helsinki, we will cover the travel costs by the cheapest public transportation method and arrange accommodation.

Below you will find the tentative schedule for the weekend as well as the instructions for a short preparatory assignment.

Go and check out the event also on Facebook!

Tentative schedule

Thursday: Orientation day 11 am – 4 pm (Kallio)

– Get together at RKI office (Toinen linja 17)

– What is Solidarity Corps?

– Going through last year’s projects

– Presenting the groups’ ideas and brainstorming

Friday: Peace Day Forum 9 am – 3 pm (Eurooppasali, Kamppi)

– During the day there will be brunch, getting to know each other, workshops with the decision makers, mingling and coffee.

Saturday: Funding application mentoring 10 am – 16 pm (Kallio)

– RKI professionals mentor groups application sparring with the RKI professionals


The project is funded by Erasmus+

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