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The basis of our work is to recognize the courage in every individual to act for a world where justice and peace prevails


The Peace Education Institute (Rauhankasvatusinstituutti RKI ry) is a politically and religiously non-aligned non-governmental organization established in 1981.

We support the growth and development of children and youth towards global citizenship, who know their global responsibilities and who promote equality and nonviolence, by supporting educators.

RKI provides methods and in-service training for educators in the field of peace education. We also support educators in non-formal educational settings, mainly in youth work. In practice this means, for example, providing trainings on methods to identify and constructively tackle discrimination, how to make power structures and norms visible, how to solve conflicts between different groups in a nonviolent manner, and strengthening participation and active critical citizenship of young people.

The basis of our work is to recognize the courage in every individual to act to build a  world where justice and peace prevails. We do this by strengthening the understanding of the consequences of actions on local and global levels.

As a part of the Global Peace Movement, we are contributing towards building a nonviolent and more equal world for all humans. We offer professional in-service training for teachers and youth workers; organize seminars and training about peace education and its different aspects and themes for the professionals of the education sector; and we share peace education methods and pedagogical models for different contexts and target groups. We work in close cooperation with organizations from the education sector, universities and NGOs.

We train every year over 1000 educators about the themes of peace education and our services reach thousands of educators and other actors.

Our Work in Practice

For over ten years -portal has been the most widespread RKI’s support model for teachers. It works as a link between the schools and NGOs offering expert support for both. Global School brings easy-to-use global education material (currently available only in Finnish) from NGOs to schools as well as trains and supports NGOs and teachers in the implementation of peace education. Global School has its branches in Turku, Oulu, Helsinki, Kokkola, and Tampere, and starting from fall 2017 in Joensuu.

For youth workers (link) we offer training about equality promotion, thematics of hate speech, dialogical methods, as well as the role of youth work as the protector of the vulnerable and as actors for change.

The Peace Education Institute offers schools and youth work actors also workshops directly made for the youth and ready-to-use practices and methods like the Peace School, Anne Frank -exhibition and Peaceball.

We are part of the International Peace Education Movement and we work in cooperation with UNESCO. The Year 2017–2017 we have education programs in cooperation with over 20 NGOs all around Europe. Furthermore, we strengthen the active citizenship of the youth by sending them to volunteer in different NGOs abroad and by hosting international volunteers from abroad to learn with us about the peace education in Finland.

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