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Inclusive Democracy – Tools and Training for Meaningful Participation

We offer training where we share tools for increasing the meaningful participation of youth in democratic decision making.

Studies show that trust towards the democracy of national institutions and politicians has declined radically. One of the central problems of contemporary Finland and its democracy is how structural inequality is often overlooked in decision making. This produces decisions that feel undemocratic and may create tensions between different groups of people.

According to us, inclusive democracy is a requirement for a stable and peaceful society. It is especially important for young people, who need to feel like they are a part of the decision-making process and that their views, opinions and requests are being heard.

We have put together a model and a youth work training package of inclusive democracy, specially modified to fit the Finnish society. The model focuses on participation, a sense of justice and taking into consideration all the different participant groups in the process. The model is based on the South African deep democracy model that has been successfully applied for instance in Sweden. The model has then been modified by RKI’s Managing Director, Riikka Jalonen, according to her former experience in Finland, Nepal and Sri Lanka in peace building practices.

The workshop lasts for a minimum of five hours but it is possible to tailor it to fit the needs of the customer. Please contact for more information.

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