Gender Equality Charter Mark

The international Gender Equality Charter Mark (GECM) provides tools for equality work and planning in schools. 

Tools for Equality

The Gender Equality Charter Mark (GECM) is a framework and a tool to enhance equality in schools were developed through a process of working together, sharing knowledgeand transferring the best practices and innovative approaches between the partner countries. The frame work is part of the international project Gender Equality In Schools.

The tool supports schools to look at influencing and informing their leadership, curriculum, physical environment, and the attitudes and relationships of both the students, staff and the wider community in relation to equality issues. 

Each of the nine European partners has created and implemented the tool into a national context to better support the needs of teachers from early childhood education to secondary schools and school staff in the specific school environment 

The Peace Education Institute has educated hundreds of teachers on equality work in schools around Finland between 2019–2021.  


The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Take look at the tools – The Equality Compass –  made by the Finnish Peace Education Institute for three different education levels [pdf in only in Finnish language].