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“Frame, Voice, Report!” Project Encourages to Act!

Frame, Voice, Report! project The Bold & The Brave was done in collaboration by
the Peace Education Institute and the Finnish Peace Defenders.

The core idea of the project is to encourage people to play an active role as a citizen and an activist in global justice and sustainable development. The project is taking place between 2019 and 2020 and it is coordinated by Fingo.

As part of the project, The Peace Education Institute and the Finnish Peace Defenders coordinated
short videos from all over the world from young activists who are bold to act and seek to make a change in the world. The videos will address a variety of
global themes such as climate change and gender equality. We will publish the videos on the project’s website and on its own YouTube channel.

In addition, we will provide training and workshop plans for teachers and youth workers to process and discuss the content of the videos. More info about the release of the videos will be published on our social media channels. So, if you don’t follow us yet, now is a good time to do so!

The project is funded by the European Union.  

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