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Our Strategic Focus for 2017-2021

RKI focuses on strengthening peace education especially in three different contexts: in schools, in early childhood education and in youth work and informal education settings.In addition, RKI pays special attention to the inclusion of minorities, discriminated, and those in danger of discrimination in all its activities and consciously expands to become a part of the global peace education movement.

1. Peace Education in schools

RKI offersin in-service training for teachers and other educators in schools about global education, peace education, and equality and cooperates with educational institutions and municipalities to promote an equal and nonviolent environment. The Peace Education Institute connects NGOs and schools. Maailmankoulu (Global School) has been established as a part of the educational activities in many municipalities.The teaching materials and support services of RKI provide teachers with the best practices and methods for critical global education, peace education and equality promotion according to the curriculum. In addition, RKI influences and works with the writers and publishers of textbooks.

2. Peace education in early childhood education
The Peace Education Institute interacts with early childhood educators finding solutions to the challenges of early childhood education and encouraging the inclusion of the peace education principles to everyday life of day-care centers, its methods and pedagogical choices. By offering early childhood professionals trainings, RKI supports the development of equal operational culture. The Peace Education Institute develops new pedagogical models and methods for early childhood education, particularly related to equality promotion, empathy education, diversity and understanding racism, discrimination and prejudice in a way that is suitable for the children according to their age.

3. Peace education in youth work and civic activity
The Peace Education Institute sees youth work and civic activity as meaningful environments that support the development of an active and respectful global youth. We promote peace education in hobbies and together with the youth and youth workers create new ways to make the world a fairer and juster place for everyone. We support active citizenship, interaction between youth groups, and cooperation between different kinds of actors working around the themes of peace education. We train youth workers in Equality Plan preparation and in intervening discrimination, racism and hate-speech.

4. Dialogue, equality and inclusion at focus
We support and encourage non-violent civic activism and social change in early childhood education, basic education, youth work and civic society through engaging methods that support the human agency. The Peace Education Institute works closely with the advocates of minorities and groups at risk of discrimination and supports them to get their voice to be heard in the society and especially in the education sector. Our work is based on research and development. RKI utilizes academic research from different fields and conducts its own research. RKI analyzes causes and mechanisms of violence and inequality both in education and in society, as well as develops new peace education approaches in dialogue with a variety of actors.To support a pluralistic and active civil society and its possibilities to influence as well as to improve the inclusion and participation of the more vulnerable, RKI shares its national and international networks also with other actors in Finland.

5. Peace Education Institute as a part of the global peace education movement
Over the next five years, the Institute intends to expand internationally. International cooperation projects focus on peer learning and sharing best practices.
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